The new school year is about to start again and we would like to give you some great back-to school fundraising ideas

Many a Little Makes a Mickle

 Ask kids simply collect coins from friends and family, and then use the mony to use for items that the class needs. A good way to make it more interesting and competitive is by dividing the class into teams or pitting the boys against the girls to see who can collect the most. Use clear jars so the kids can watch the piles of money increasing each day.

 Teacher tip: weigh the jars to determine the winners rather than trying to count the coins. While you might want to let the children count some of the coins to add an educational element to the fundraiser, it uses takes more time than you would care to invest to count them in class. Solicit volunteers from the PTO or involved adults to count and put the coins into coin rolls.

 The winning team could get homework passes or a small reward like an ice cream party. Be creative and talk to area businesses and you can probably convince a business owner to donate ice cream, pizza or some other type of incentive so you don’t have to deduct any monies to pay for a treat. This is also educational, since it teaches students about money and counting.

 Recycled Book Fair

 Book fairs are touted by many as a good fundraising tool, but the reality is that the school is only paid a commission on the total book sales. For many schools, that amount could be as little as $400 or 500 or as much as several thousands.

However, for about the same amount of time and effort, students can put together their own book fair by bringing books in from home to sell to the other students and facility. Add a competitive element by offering incentives for the student(s) who bring in the most books.

Remember that rewards do not have to be monetary or expensive. Most elementary students are happy to receive a special recognition ribbon or button to celebrate their achievement.

The key is to make sure the donated books are in good, serviceable condition and either an evergreen classic title or a popular title. Let the kids make posters to promote the sale, stage it in the library (just like a regular book fair) and send home flyers announcing the sale and encouraging parents to send shopping money with their kids.

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