Mom & Dad Magicbox Internship Program!


Mom & Dad Magicbox is looking for fast-learning and self-motivated students between age of 15-18 who are interested in becoming a core component of our fast-growing organization working closely with schools with the aim of improving education. This is  a great internship opportunity for high-school students to learn hands-on experience in the field what they like, to develop skills, and add a work experience to their resume.




What’s in it for you?
Our internship programs are great opportunity to get the “behind the scenes” look at what it takes to make a difference, to serve society in a social enterprise.

If you are interested in world-class experience in marketing field, web design, and the ins and outs of design and out of tv show production and programming, this internship is a great way to do that.


Things You Need to Know

Here are the things you need to know up front:

  • you must be self-motivated and able to self-teach certain things
  • You don’t need to be pro in marketing/ web designer/copywriting to apply for this internship. We provide training &  guidelines for doing all of these. All we are looking for is interest in these fields and some hands-on experience
  • There is a lot more to this position than existing skills. Dependability and responsiveness is more important to us than anything
  • Plenty of training available. We are happy to help you develop new skills.If you’re interested in getting hands on experience in marketing this is an opportunity for you.
  • Experience with widely-used software in  business world, including Active Campaign, Clickfunnels, Mailchimp, WordPress, Asana, Slack and others.
  • For a qualified student, there is room for growth with the company
  • After succesful completion of the internship program you get a certification


  • You will be working 10 hours a week, every week
  • You will be producing specific deliverables depending on your field of internship every week

The internship is a non-paid internship however valuable training are offered to our interns

This internship is for you if you:

  • Are a perfectionist when it comes to producing quality results (email autoresponder with no typos, marketing funnels set up and thoroughly tested, etc.)
  • Have some experience with the field of internship you are applying for
  • Have strong online research skills on topics that are new to you
  • Are very organized and never miss deadlines or emails
  • Have a learning-focused attitude. We are less interested in what you know or have experience with than I am in your attitude and ability to adapt to new situations.

This internship is NOT for you:

  • Students who like to do some tasks related to the field of their selected internship but aren’t into researching topics with which they are unfamiliar, or get stuck when they have to figure out something new
  • Someone who is not growth-oriented



Is this a long-term position?

Yes – after an initial internship period, ideally this is a longer term position where you receive continual training and improvement to your skills.

How much work will I be committing to?

10 hours/week. Work schedule is flexible; after-school hours or/and weekends.

I’m a student/I have another job. Can I apply?

Yes, if you have 10 hours of focused work available to you every single week.

About Mom & Dad Magicbox:

Here are Mom & Dad Magicbox, we are passionate about working with schools & Parent/Teacher Associations to help them impact as many kids/families as possible with their daily operation. Democratizing education, and making the world a better-educated place.

Make A Difference:

Many Parent/Teacher Associations have extremely useful skill sets and knowledge, but often struggle to break into offering these things due to lack of technical knowledge. That is where Mom & Dad Magicbox comes in. Supporting Parent/Teacher Assocations in the US to better monetize their expertise through helping schools and parents with their knowledge.



Shoot a quick 1 minute video resume of yourself, explaining why you think you are a good fit for Mom & Dad Magicbox and this position. Some things you can talk about:

  1. What interests you most about this internship?
  2. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?
  3. What experiences or skills qualify you for the internship?
  4. What’s your hobby and current daily responsibility? Which part of NYC you live in? We want to make sure you have enough time for this internship while you continue doing well in school.

Submit this Google form including the link to your video:

After reviewing your application, if you look like a good fit then we will be going through some initial assessment tasks designed to further test your suitability for this internship.